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Today is the first day of the remainder of your life.

And I deeply believe that you’ve been set up to shine, constructed to fly and destined to amaze.

I just don’t care what anyone tells you. There’s no doubt in my heart: you have a hero within.

Look, I get the world hypnotizes us to be average and negative and needy and selfish.

My war is against all of that.

Yes, I understand that life can shatter your loftiest ambitions and destruct your highest hopes. [Don’t doubt I’ve been there; I get you more than you know].

Sure it’s true we all get busy being busy and distracted away from our dreams.

Definitely we get frustrated by the distance between the life we know we deserve and the place we seem to stay at.

And yet, you’re here. Reading my words. Hopefully, feeling my love. And devotion to getting you to world-class. [Or higher ;)].

This morning I awoke at 4:20 am.

I savored my coffee on the verandah of my room in a desert valley, amid bougainvilleas and the early rays of an original sun. Then I worked out. Hard.

Outside of the gym of the hotel I’m at, I had a conversation with a gardener.

Wisdom leapt from his eyes. Humanity oozed from his lips. Zero coincidence I met him.

He spoke from the best place inside of the gift he’s been given as the caretaker of Nature’s blessings. He shared of his father’s death and his mother’s aging. And that every day above ground is a glorious gift.

He was my teacher this morning.

Reminding me of truth versus fiction. How our personal stories can smother us. And of the reality of what makes a life beautifully lived.

So, remember: as we rise to the height of our dreams, struggle and stumbles are part of the game. And that few things are as important as to answer The Call.

The Call on your life to liberate your heroic potential.

The Call on your life to produce work that is pure poetry.

The Call on your life to model mastery and elevate your community.

The Call on your life to be brave when others are timid, understanding when others are petty and kind when others are savage.

And once you do, you’ll leave the frightened mass of The Cult of Mediocrity and spend the rest of your days in the rare-air of the best who have ever lived.

You really are built to be great. You truly deserve to know heroic. You definitely can become a Titan.

And, of course, that is my heartfelt wish for you.

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Your fan always,

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Own your Craft. Rock your World. Make History.


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