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It’s summertime where I live. As you may know, I’ve gone dark.

Refueling, after 6 months of doing my best to inspire, encourage and serve you, while boarding airplanes to do leadership presentations, meeting with my elite coaching group of world-builders in IconX and delivering pretty much all-new content on legendary performance at a sold-out Personal Mastery Academy 2017.

This is why I haven’t been in touch with you.

This is why you haven’t seen many videos from me on Instagram and Facebook.

Doing good for others without being good to yourself isn’t very good, is it?

So I’ve taken this time to regenerate, swim, mountain bike, read, reflect and just be a human being versus a human doing. I plan to be in this game a long time. And vitality is essential for longevity. So I’m protecting mine.

I’ve also been super deep into the pocket of writing my next book: The 5 AM Club. This is year 3 of writing.

Yes, you’re right: it’s taking me a long time.

Here’s why: I only want to release it when it’s the best work I’m capable of doing. So I keep refining it and re-constructing it. And as I grow as a man, this book grows with me.

It’ll be a book like no other book I’ve written, blending my methods on exponential productivity, creativity and bravery with the latest information on the neuroscience of personal mastery as well as my sensibilities on spirituality and what makes a heroic life.

And of course, The 5 AM Club techniques I’ve taught for over 20 years, that have helped tens of millions of people do world-class work and lead their finest lives.

[note: speaking of personal mastery, for everyone who couldn’t get a seat to Personal Mastery Academy 2017 and want to get into the room virtually/online, subscribe my newsletter + check your inbox for my message over the next weeks; I’m doing something incredibly special for you].

I’ve also been using this “dark time” to reread some of my favorite books. To reshape my thinking, develop my philosophy and reset my heartset so I come back strong in September. To serve you even better.

This morning, over excellent Italian coffee, I read this passage from Meditations by Roman emperor and warrior Marcus Aurelius that I felt was worthy to share with you:

“The duration of a person’s life is only a moment; our substance is flowing away this very moment; the senses are dim; the composition of the body is decaying, the soul is in chaos, our fate is unknowable and reputation uncertain. In a word, all bodily things are like a flowing river and everything of the soul is dream and smoke…

…And life is all warfare and a stranger’s wanderings and the reward is oblivion. What then could possibly guide us? Only one thing: philosophy, and this consists of keeping the divine spirit within each of us free from disrespect and harm, above pains and pleasures, doing nothing aimlessly or falsely.”

Hope all this helps. Our world needs more heroes. Why wait for them when you have it in you to become one of them?

It’s your turn.

Love + respect,

P.S. Here’s the trailer for The Titan Summit 2017 that everyone’s talking about.

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