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What Rich Really Means


Really important message today.

I’ve spent 20+ years advising billionaires, celebrated CEOs and other titans of industry on how to multiply their income, lift their influence + unleash their highest impact.

Here’s one of the strange paradoxes I’ve observed:

A number of them are super-wealthy but very poor.

  • they have money yet lack meaning
  • they have a large net worth but low self-worth
  • they have jets and yachts but no joy and peace.

So, in this new Mastery Session that I’m ultra-excited to share with you today, you’ll learn what real wealth is all about.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • the scientific insights like “hedonic adaptation” + the daily habit of “savoring” that I teach at my annual flagship event The Titan Summit [that eminent positive psychologists say is a key to becoming super happy as you grow uber-successful].
  • some disruptive philosophy on why success without significance is an empty win
  • how to balance a pursuit of wealth with the acute value of simple wonders.

Hope this episode really opens up some new windows within your thinking for you.

Be great. My best.


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What Rich Really Means

Hi, it’s Robin Sharma, author of The Leader Who Had No Title, founder of The Titan Academy. This Mastery Session is all about what rich really means. Over the past two decades, I have worked with a lot of very economically wealthy people.

These are people with net worths from a hundred, to - in the many billions of dollars, in terms of their net worth. What I’ve realized is this: money is only one form of wealth. And there are a lot of very rich people in the world who are very empty people.

What I wanted to do to hopefully be of great service to you in this Mastery Session is to acknowledge - look, money allows you to do great things for your family members. Having money allows you to help other people, I mean, philanthropy is very important to me. Having said that, it is a great seduction of our society to measure your success by net worth versus self-worth. It is a great hypnosis of our world to say that, you know what? That person has a lot of money, so that person is a great human being.

What I wanted to invite you to play with and deconstruct is this: is having a lot of money, but not being in connection with your humanity, really rich? There are people out there, they’ve got beautiful homes, they’ve got Lambos and Ferraris, they’re traveling the world in their private jets, they’ve got lots and lots of money, and they have no peace of mind.

Let’s all acknowledge, having nice things can provide pleasure, but what’s the real meaning of richness? I want to just jam on a few things. It starts off with loving yourself, it starts off with respecting yourself. You can’t put a price tag on letting your head hit the pillow every night feeling good about how you’ve lived, and who you are, and the way you’ve conducted yourself.

True wealth is about health. Someone once slipped a piece of paper to me after a leadership event, and it simply said, “Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see.” If you lose your health, you lose everything. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you spend the rest of your life trying to reclaim your health.

Real wealth, real richness: family. Having perfect moments with your loved ones, making them laugh, enjoying great trips with them, having conversations where you and your favorite people in the world are just connecting as human beings, that’s wealth.

How about being in the moment as real richness? I’ve started a new practice over the past year and a half where almost every night, I watch the sunset. The sun comes down through the trees in our back garden, and I just sit there, even if it’s for 10 minutes, and I savor it. Eminent positive psychologists like Sonja Lyubomirsky have, through their research, found that the happiest people on the planet all have a routine in common, and it’s called savoring. They don’t just go through their day, they find little pockets of opportunity to savor special moments through their day. When I watch the sunset, I’m not just going through the day, I’m savoring a part of the day.

Let me ask you, if the sun set only once every 100 years, every single person on the planet would be watching it, but because it sets every night, we take it for granted. Yes, it’s human nature, but we need to fight that neurobiology. The positive psychologists and the neurobiologists, they will also tell you about something called hedonic adaptation, and that is the natural human phenomenon to take for granted the good blessings in our lives every day. Just because the sun sets every day, we stop noticing it. That’s the way our brain works. We notice the things that aren’t working, that’s the negativity bias of our brain.

Anyway, what I want to dial back into is, the importance of remembering what true richness is all about, and living in the moment is one of them.

What else would be true richness? How about genuinely serving a customer? Let’s not forget that the people who do business with you, are the people who put food on your table every single night. Your family couldn’t eat but for your customers. I see this around the world especially with very successful companies, they have taken their customers for granted. You go into the hot restaurant, you go into the popular coffee shop, you look at some of these chain companies that have become iconic, and there is a huge disconnect between the fact that, you know what - the people who are standing there waiting for the food, or the coffee, or the clothing or whatever it is, those are the people that you initially got into business to serve, and because you’ve become so successful or your company or brand has become so iconic, we take them for granted.

Wealth is getting up in the morning and going to work and saying, that customer is a chance for me to bless the customer and give them great value and show mastery for them, because I believe every moment in front of a customer is a moment of truth, an opportunity for you to express the best of humanity.

What else is real richness? How about knowing that you’re living out the rest of your life as an instrument of service? You’re helping people, you’re kind, you’re good. We don’t often think about that, but just being a really good person by being kind, by being positive even if your heart is broken and your life is falling apart, by keeping your promises, by taking the time to read and study and improve as a human being, to me that is a great form of wealth, and it’s a great form of richness.

The final thing I’d say to you is, there’s a lot of people that have a lot of money, but their schedules are so full they don’t have any fun. I think real wealth is being able to travel, being able to, even if you can’t travel, in your own town, having adventures. Going to that new pizza place with people that you love, or getting lost in an art gallery, or maybe even just getting lost in the new part of your city that you haven’t been in for 5 years or 10 years or 15 years.

The brain craves novelty and we become rich when every day becomes some kind of an adventure. What I’ve learned is, my greatest happiness doesn’t come from making money. My greatest happiness comes from learning how to become a better human being. Learning from the experiences of my life. Spending extraordinary moments with loved ones.

Earlier this week, my son and I went up to the mountains, just a little father and son getaway. It was just for one night, but we did a two hour drive up to the mountains and we talked about entrepreneurship, we talked about leadership, we talked about philosophy. I shared some of the lessons as a father that I’ve learned as a man, and then we had this beautiful dinner as the sun set. Autumn is almost here and the colors of the sky - it was like late summer early autumn, and here I was with my son. I mean, I adore my children so much, I was with my son and the sun was setting and we were breaking bread together, and we were laughing, and we were talking. To me, that’s what real richness is all about.

Finally more than anything else, before you know it, we’re going to get to the end of our lives. Sooner or later. And even the longest life is a really short ride, and nothing is more valuable and nothing speaks to wealth more than me, than knowing that you have lived your life in a way that has made the life of other people much better. If you can do that, you’re going to be a lot wealthier than most billionaires. I hope I’ve been of service to you through this Mastery Session, and I’m going to talk to you very soon.

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